With Smaller Things I linger upon the concept of childhood wonder. 
One of my trippiest childhood experiences was to spend hours looking at random things through an optical microscope. To re-evoke the psychedelic feel of that experience, I photographed and printed these objects on polaroids, then further manipulated them by performing emulsion lifts.
The final result is an interesting short circuit between science and play.

What is Man in front of the infinite? - B. Pascal
Water droplet on anchovie slice, 26x
Housefly leg, 26x
Garlic slice, 26x
Mature pinewood, 20x
Cotton, 26x
Dicotyledon (unspecified flower), 20x
Onion slice, 20x
Brine shrimp eggs in water, 26x
Wild rose leaf, 26x
Cat hair, 26x
Maritime pine bark, 26x
Maritime pine moss, 26x
Dry pine wood, L.S, 26x
Daisy pistils, 20x
Daisy stem, 26x
Daisy petals, 26x
Cat flea, 26x
Sea weed, 20x
Wood bark, 20x
Wild mountain flower, 20x
Dry cow dung, 26x
Mountain grass roots, 20x
Mountain grass fragment, 26x
Flower petals and pistils, 20x
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